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Mix BCAAs + Aminos is made up of more than 11 ingredients all designed to help you build, repair and recover.

Each serving contains a full 7 grams of instantized BCAAs, 2.5 grams of Glutamine, 1 gram Citruline Malate, plus an added 1 gram of Taurine and a complement of Vitamins. But it is not just what is in Mix BCAAs + Aminos that make it special; it is also what we didn’t include. Mix BCAAs + Aminos is stimulant free, contains no carbohydrates, no maltodextrin, no cellulose or wax, is sugar free, does not contain acesulfame potassium (Ace-K), provides minimal sodium, and contains no artificial colors.

Mix BCAAs + Aminos is unique in its multiple patent issued and multiple patents pending technology. This technology allows you to activate the ingredients at the moment of use, making sure they are at peak potency and freshness. In addition, we have eliminated the need for scoops and shakers.

Mix BCAAs + Aminos combines what we feel is the most advanced formula providing “what you want” while discarding the unnecessary ingredients combined with the patented technology enabling you to mix and activate the product at the time of use makes it far and away the premier BCAA + amino RTD on the market.



7 Grams of BCAAs in the proper 2:1:1 ratio to help workout recovery, encourage muscle growth and support endurance, power and strength.

Branch Chain Amino Acids, commonly referred to as BCAAs are a group of 3 essential amino acids having a branch side chain, hence the name. These Amino acids are Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These 3 BCAAs make up more than 1/3 of the essential amino acids in Muscle Protein. Essential Amino Acids are by definition not produced by the body, they must be ingested, either through specific foods or through supplementation.

These BCAAs are ideal for muscle development because they are metabolized in the muscle rather than by the liver. Because of this, BCAAs can be used by the body to build new proteins to be used as energy.

The amount of BCAAs in the free amino acid pool is relatively small in relation to total body stores. It is suggested that BCAA serum concentrations are regulated which suggests that the body needs more of these BCAAs during exercise. Making supplementation of these essential amino acids a good idea around the time of exercise.

3.5 Grams Leucine + 1.75 grams Isoleucine + 1.75 grams Valine. 7 full grams of BCAAs in the proper 2:1:1 ratio. There are some products, which stray from the “classic” 2:1:1 ratio. We haven’t seen any research on the “advantages” of a different ratio. We have seen multiple studies (Baylor University did a very good one comparing BCAA in the 2:1:1 ratio verses leucine and a placebo) done on the beneficial effects of the 2:1:1 ratio verses placebo as well as other free form amino acids. In general, most of the other ratios are less expensive than the 2:1:1. We have seen some 8:1:1 and even 10:1:1 ratios. In these instances, it is a pretty good bet the least expensive BCAA is the “10” and the more expensive ones are the “1s”. Mix BCAAs + Aminos uses the preferred 2:1:1 ratio.

Recently some other forms of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine besides the micronized L (free form) amino acids (like the ones used by Mix Nutrition) have hit the market. Most are a compound of the amino acid along with “something else”. In some cases the “something else” can be up to ½ the amount of the new amino acid compound. That means that the original amino acid is now only ½ the potency of the free form amino. Some people might view that as better, we don’t. Mix BCAAs + Aminos uses only the micronized free forms in 100% potency.


2.5 Grams of Glutamine to help promote muscle growth, and reduce muscle breakdown.*

Glutamine is a conditional essential amino and is one of the most abundant amino acids in muscle cells. Glutamine is an import factor in healthy muscle recovery and growth. Research suggests that Glutamine allows subjects to recover sooner, more thoroughly and efficiently. In addition, Glutamine is an effective intestinal and immune system health component. Cells in these functions use glutamine as a preferred source of energy rather than Glucose. Adequate glutamine levels can help ensure a healthy immune system, which can be compromised during bouts of intense training.

Mix BCAAs + Aminos provides a full 2.5 grams of micronized free form Glutamine in each serving.


1 gram of Citrulline Malate (Citrulline bonded to Malic Acid) to help promote better muscle endurance and bigger muscle pumps.

Citrulline Malate can help act as a natural energy booster and is backed by plenty of research.

Citrulline is naturally synthesized in the body to Arginine. This free form Arginine can then be converted to nitric oxide (NO). Some studies suggest that Citrulline is more effective at increasing plasma Arginine levels than taking the amino acid Arginine by itself.

Citrulline is an intermediate in the Urea Cycle. Because of this it has been suggested that Citrulline can help eliminate the “burn” often associated with lactic acid build up as well as help reduce the negative effects of ammonia and bacterial endotoxins can have on performance.

Citrulline Malate is an important component in the Mix BCAAs + Aminos Formula.


1 Gram of Taurine to help support energy levels, help increase natural protein absorption and synthesis and help promote sharp mental focus.

Taurine is a specialized amino acid that is important for endurance and muscle strength. Taurine may play an important role in supporting protein synthesis, cell hydration and natural metabolism.* Taurine can also help to increase nitric oxide (NO) production.

Research has shown that strenuous exercise depletes natural Taurine levels, this can have a negative effect on strength and endurance.* Taurine is often missing from amino products, but we found the properties of this important Amino Acid are an important addition to the formula. Mix BCAAs + Aminos provides 1 Gram of Taurine to help you get a dose of Taurine for every workout.

Added B and C Vitamins help provide natural energy, enhance metabolic functions, and help with muscle recovery.


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