Author: Heath   Date Posted:17 November 2016 

At Heavy Weight We are passionate about the fitness industry and are commited to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals. We approach clientele with a high level of understanding, initiative, reliability and empathy in helping them reach or sustain a healthy lifestyle. The team at Heavy-Weight have had years of fitness and body building experience to create a store at Cumberland Park along with an active website that accomodates for both males and females to confidently select and afford supplements for their everyday need.

Whether it's muscle gain, fat loss, toning up, getting ripped, improved endurance, greater sporting performance or just general improved health and wellbeing, Heavy-Weight and it's well knowledged staff can assist you in reaching any fitness goal. 

Heavy-Weight has a huge range of products on off including Protein Powders (vegan friendly options available), Fat Burners, Pre Workouts, Fat Metabolisers, Testoserone and Growth Hormone Boosters, Cell Volumisers, Creatines, Amino Acids, Multi-Vitamins, Nutritional/ Protein Bars and much more.

The products at Heavy-Weight have been especially selected in terms of purity and effectiveness through high quality brands. These include Scitec, Mutant, BSN, Optimum Nutrition, PES Science, Cellucor, Cobra Labs, Dymatize, Bio X, Giant Sports, Walden Farms, APS, Ryderwear and Elite Aesthetico Clothing to name a few.