Best Pre-Workout Ingredients and What They Do

Author: Kieran Reinboth  

Most people tend to take a Pre-workout supplement whether it’s to help them train harder to bring up a lagging body part, to get an extra kick after a hard days work or for that extra push whilst dieting hard.

What are some of the best preworkout ingredients you should check for?

Most popular preworkouts tend to combine a lot of the same ingredients. But what does each of these ingredients really do? 

- Caffeine
It’s the base ingredient of many pre-workouts because it works. It’s been proven effective in boosting physical performance, burning fat, and increasing focus.

- Beta-alanine 
Helps prevent muscle fatigue by combining with histidine and acting as a buffering agent in the muscle. This leads to the ability to lift longer.

- Citrulline
Prevents the formation of ammonia in muscles, reducing fatigue. Also increases nitric oxide (NO) production, which results in bigger pumps and improved blood flow.

- Arginine
An amino acid that maximizes nitric oxide (N.O) levels in the bloodstream, which dilates blood vessels, not only providing a big pump but also mandatory in nutrient delivery.

- Agamatine
A more potent version compared to arginine, has been shown to increase N.O production and mildly stimulate the central nervous system, resulting in a short-term strength gain.

- Theanine
Theanine has been proven to simultaneously improve concentration and mental relaxation, allowing you to achieve a mental peak during training. 

- Creatine

There are many different forms of creatine. Monohydrate, Malate, HCl, Micronised…all with different traits. Is used as a reserve of creatine in muscles for use of explosive power over longer periods of time. Fuels ATP system then used in CP system…i.e. power system over 30-90 seconds.



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