Author: Kieran Reinboth  

A healthy gut can help maintain a lean healthy physique. Poor gut health can actually stop fat loss if the conditions are bad enough.


Well gut microbiome refers to the bacteria, which live inside your gut. These bacteria, the good bacteria, are essential to our survival for the following reasons;

  • They digest our food
  • They block pathogens (bad bacteria) from binding to our gut
  • They form two thirds of our immune system
  • They produce essential nutrients such as vitamins B and K
  • Produce serotonin
  • They prevent inflammation of our gut.

 With poor gut health forces these microbiome to not function properly which will make the above difficult to occur. 

Introducing the use of apple cider vinegar and coconut kefir to your diet can promote good digestion and gut health. Another option is also  a Greens Formula with a probiotic and digestive enzyme such as Barlean’s Chocolate Silk Greens or Victory Labs Native Green.

However greens supplements aren’t just taken for their probiotic and digestive nature.

  • We all know fruit and veggies are good for many health benefits but can be difficult to hit 2 and 5 everyday. Greens supplement can help give you that extra boost for the days you fall short. With 1 serving giving at least 5 servings.
  •  They play a vital role in alkalizing the body (creating balanced PH levels). Leading an active lifestyle, eating a high protein diet or including a lot of resistance training into your week can actually create an acidic environment in the body. When the body is overly acidic, it creates an unwanted environment where illness, bacteria, and yeast thrive. It also takes minerals from vital organs and bones to neutralise the acid. 
  •  Also being loaded with anti-oxidants and a digestive enzyme a greens powder can reduce bloating and show a decrease in water weight.
  •  Can help produce an increase in energy and enhanced cognitive function.

Both Barlean’s Chocolate Greens and Victory Labs Native Greens are available in store or online.

 (Samples of Victory Labs Native Greens available in store)


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