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GIANT RIOT is a simple and effect Super Stimulant Pre-Workout that should be used only before intense workouts. GIANT RIOT contains 7 ingredients that have been purposely combined to give you an amazing workout.

- Enhanced Mental Energy

- Intense Focus & Drive

- Super Powered Strength

- Huge & Instant Pumps

- Reduced Fatigue

- 100% Open Label

Caffeine (300mg)

You can’t have a stimulant based pre workout without caffeine. With 300mg you should feel a powerful immediate rise in adrenaline to super charge your workout. The biggest issue with caffeine is desensitization. A lot of users become less responsive to caffeine the more they use. Fortunately Kigelia Africana (1,6-DMHA) has the ability to not only stimulate adrenaline, dopamine and acetyl choline but it also enhances your responsiveness to caffeine therefore boosting the benefits.


Kigelia Africana – 1,6-DMHA

Kigelia Africana provides naturally occurring 1,6-DMHA, which has been likened to its predecessor 1,3-DMAA. Known as a sympathomimetic stimulant, DMHA enhances wakefulness, mood and cognitive performance.


Caffeine is an adrenergic stimulant and has long been touted as the best performance enhancing stimulant on the market. When coupled with Kigelia Africana, caffeine users experience a heightened stimulatory effect and are less likely to experience stimulant desensitisation like most do standardised caffeinated products.

Bai Mudan – Theophylline

Derived from white tea, theophylline is characterised by its ability to enhance mood, thought processing and even memory in some users. Providing additional mental clarity, theophylline is fast acting and will provide almost instantaneous mental enhancement.


Dosed at 1000mg, Agmatine has been shown to enhance nitric oxide production above that of actual arginine, is recognised as a strong antioxidant, which may reduce free radical damage and has been linked to improving the pain response to exercise, meaning you can train harder for longer.

Citrulline Malate

With an abundance of research backing its efficacy, Citrulline Malate is a key amino acid in performing nitric oxide up-regulation due to increasing higher circulatory Arginine levels and has been shown to have profound effects on performance in individuals using Citrulline Malate prior to exercise.


Supplementing with creatine monohydrate has consistently been shown to improve strength, power and overall performance. By increasing intramuscular phosphocreatine levels, users of creatine are able to produce more ATP and as a result, can expect enhanced performance.


Taurine is a multi-faceted ingredient in that it has a multitude of benefits, however, it has been added to this formula for its ability to delay fatigue, reduce exhaustion and also for its ability to enhance hydration, which is critically important for maintaining performance.




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