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Bedlam is the new powerful pre-workout by ESP, packed with a punch, Bedlam was specifically designed to maximise your training performance like no other. Bedlam’s potent formula contains the new ingredient Orchilean, a powerful adaptogenic stimulant that your body will not adapt to. Giving you the same energy kick time after time unlike other popular pre-workouts. Stronger than the original DMAA, Orchilean has a unique ability to drastically effect energy levels and help your body’s ability to adapt to stress allowing you to maintain a high level of intensity throughout your workout. Bedlam helps improve training performance, creates razor sharp focus, boosts mood and increases blood flow to working muscles, resulting in the pinnacle of energy & pumps. Bedlam by ESP helps create the optimal training window for you to breakthrough all your training goals with explosive power.


Bedlam Benefits:

  • Intense motivation boost
  • Improves concentration & Mental Alertness 
  • Increases blood flow (pump) to working muscle groups
  • Contains Beta Alanine to improve endurance and explosive power




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